Slides and demo from my Azure UG session

July 26, 2012

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Early this week I had a session about building scalable, low-latency, secured web applications with Windows Azure.

During the session, and despite all the network problems we had, I showed how to migrate an ASP.NET 4 MVC app to Windows Azure and incorporate the following features:

  • Cloud services (compute)
  • Storage
  • CDNs
  • Full IIS support
  • Diagnostics
  • ACS and claim-based identities with WIF
  • SQL Azure
  • Caching worker roles

The demo code and the few slides I shown are available online at:

I’m going to have this session three more times during the next couple of months in the US, Germany, and Denmark, so if you happen to attend one of these places, come and say hi.

Also, if anyone wish to have me speak at their local user group while I’m attending these conferences, let me know via email or Twitter (@IdoFlatow).


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one comment

  1. VeronicaDecember 11, 2012 ב 3:57 pm

    Thanks for the insight. It birgns light into the dark!