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March 23, 2012

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In the next couple of months, I’m going to say that phrase many times.

My speaking engagements last year at VSLive in Redmond and Orlando, and in the North-American MCT Summit in San-Francisco marked my first steps into the world of becoming an international speaker. Until that time, most of my speaker experience came from speaking back home in Israel in courses and conferences, and here and there teaching a course abroad in Sela’s branches in the world. Speaking in a conference is somewhat similar to a course, only 10x times the size of the audience, and more pressure since you only have one hour to make a good impression instead of an entire week.

And now it’s time for the 2012 conferences. These next couple of months are going to be quite hectic, with conferences worldwide, and me skipping from one continent to the other. So here is my appearance list, just in case you are one of my groupies and wish to attend each of my sessions Smile.


March 25-29 – Sela Developer Practice (SDP). Sela, Israel.

In our annual conference I will deliver two workshops:

1. Advanced WCF – In this 1-day workshop I will show monitoring techniques for WCF, discuss about WCF performance, demonstrate various WCF security concepts, and show some useful tips for accessing WCF from client applications. In addition, I will demonstrate how to extend WCF by creating custom behaviors.

2. Debugging the web with Fiddler – In this 1-day workshop I will show you how to use Fiddler from bottom to top: how to inspect sessions, filter requests and responses, check statistics and timeline, use the composer and auto-responder, and how to create your own inspector and custom handler for Fiddler.


April 17-20 – Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS). Bangalore, India.

This will be my first appearance in GIDS, and my first time to India, so I’m twice as happy to speak at the conference. In GIDS I will have four sessions:

1. What’s new in WCF 4 – simplified configuration, better IIS hosting, routing and discovery services and more. Many groups are still in the process of migrating from previous versions of .NET (1.1, 2, 3.5) to .NET 4, so if you are migrating to WCF 4, or already using it and want to learn more about it, this session is for you.

2. What’s new in WCF 4.5 – UDP transport, WebSocket support, configuration Intellisense, streaming improvements, etc.. If you want to learn about the new features which will be available late this year in .NET 4.5 you should definitely come (or at the least start by reading my posts about it).

3. ASP.NET MVC Razor And jQuery: The New Face Of ASP.NET – so many new frameworks and concept that will make every web developer’s head spin. Unfortunately this is only a 1-hour session, so we won’t be able to touch ground on all the technologies, but at least we will have enough time to talk about MVC, jQuery, and Razor, as the new way for building web applications.

4. Introducing The Windows Azure HPC Scheduler – doing HPC using Windows HPC Server? with the new release of the Windows Azure HPC Scheduler, you can migrate your entire solution to the cloud without using any local cluster, and use the Windows Azure cloud elasticity to increase/reduce resources as needed.


May 14-17 – Visual Studio Live (VSLive). New York, USA.

This will be my third appearance at VSLive, but I’m as excited as ever, as I will be presenting three sessions, back-to-back, all of them about WCF:

1. What’s new in WCF 4 – as mentioned before, a very useful session if you are currently migrating to .NET 4.

2. What’s new in WCF 4.5 – just imagine being in a conference room and listening to 2 hours of new WCF features (4 & 4.5). If I were you, I would just wait to get back to the office to try it out.

3. Monitoring and troubleshooting WCF services – trace files, message logs, ETW, WMI, performance counters, AppFabric monitoring … Come and see all the ways for monitoring your WCF services. In addition we will discuss various aspects of instance modes and concurrency in WCF, and go over many of the settings in WCF that can affect the performance of your services.


June 6-8 – Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC). Oslo, Norway.

First time to NDC, but this time I will not fly alone. My colleague, Yaniv Rodenski, is also a speaker at NDC where he will have a session on Hadoop on Windows Azure. As for me, I will only have one session this time, so I’ll have more time to visit Oslo:

Debugging the Web with Fiddler – learn to use Fiddler, the famous Web debugger, to inspect requests and response, catch message as they pass and alter them, create responses without ever reaching the server, and write your own extensions to Fiddler. I recommend you install Fiddler on your laptop prior to the session so you can try it out during my talk.


August 6-10 – Visual Studio Live (VSLive). Redmond, WA, USA.

Back again to the Microsoft campus on Redmond, this will be my fourth VSLive conference, and second time as a speaker in the Redmond event. Luckily for me, I will not have to endure the 16 hours of flight (not including layovers) alone, since I will be accompanied by Gil Fink, another one of my colleagues, who is also speaking at VSLive on HTML5 and Entity Framework. As for me, my sessions are:

1. Building secured, scalable, low-latency web applications with the Windows Azure Platform – in the past years, whenever you saw a session about Web apps in Windows Azure, you always got a lot of slides, and a bit of demo code. Well no more! this is a 1-hour code only session where I will show how to create a Web application for Windows Azure that utilizes everything Azure has to offer – compute, storage, CDN, ACS, AppFabric Cache, SQL Azure, Full IIS, WCF worker roles and more.

2. Embracing HTTP with ASP.NET Web APIs – although I’ve always been the “WCF guy”, I’m in the business of Web technologies, and you can’t build proper Web apps without harnessing the full power of the HTTP protocol. In this session I will show you what the new ASP.NET Web API is all about, and how you can use it to build HTTP services.

That’s the agenda for now, and I guess that there will be more updates in the next couple of weeks. My calendar for September-December is still opened, so if you want to book me for a conference, let me know.

I will also tweet with live updates from the conferences, so don’t forget to follow me @IdoFlatow

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