Israeli Web Developers Community (WDCIL) – September’s Meeting

August 28, 2011

Hi All, The next meeting of the Israeli Web Developers Community will be held on September 7th 17:30-20:30, in Microsoft Ra’anana, Ha-Pnina 2 st. You can register to the event in the following link (registration is free): You are also welcomed to visit WDCIL’s Facebook page: The Future of Client Technologies Which client technology is going to be dominant in the upcoming future? How alive is Silverlight? CanHTML5 really change the picture? In this fast paced session we're going to see where both Silverlight and HTML5 are headed. We're going...
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What developers do when given a chance…

August 20, 2011

This photo was taken from an Airbus plane screen that belongs to air VIA Note to QA: add a sanity test step to verify developers haven’t changed the icons. These are the voyages of the airplane enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new countries, to seek out new sceneries and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.
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New course on the shelve – Advanced WCF

August 19, 2011

A few months ago I had my Advanced WCF workshop in Sela’s DevDays. The workshop was a great success and the classroom was packed with 50 people that came to learn about advanced WCF stuff such as monitoring techniques, performance considerations, best practices for client development, and ways to extend WCF. I’m happy to announce that we have upgraded the 1-day intense workshop, added some new stuff that people wanted to hear about, and made it a 2-day advanced WCF course. So if you would like to learn about advanced WCF techniques from the people who wrote...
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WCF scaling – check your counters

August 11, 2011

A few months ago, I posted about the issue of WCF scaling and how it is affected by the throttling behavior, by ASP.NET settings (when hosted in IIS), and how it uses the thread pool. Today I don’t want to talk about the scaling problem, but rather give you a small tip about how to check it – use performance counters. WCF was shipped with built-in performance counter that show you various counters regarding throttling, security, MSMQ , WS-Reliable messages, and transactions. To View these counters do the following: 1. Open your service configuration and...

WSDL vs MEX, knockout or tie?

August 10, 2011

When teaching WCF I am always asked about the difference between getting the service’s metadata by using the WSDL’s http get url, and getting the metadata by calling the MEX endpoint. To answer that question we first need to understand the different parts of the configuration that affect metadata creation. The ServiceMetadata behavior This behavior controls whether metadata is created for the service. When this behavior is used, the service is scanned, and metadata is created for the service’s contracts (a list of operations and types exposed by the service). If the behavior is...

Who changed my IIS 7.5 configuration?

August 8, 2011

I was asked today whether you can find out who was the last person to change the IIS 7.5 configuration files in case someone made a mess with the configuration. This question is a decade-old question that bothers developers and IT all around the world - “Who touched my stuff?” When talking about code changes in your applications, it is quite easy to open the source control tool you are using (VSS, SVN, ClearCase, TFS…) and search the history list for the person who recently changed the files. When working with IIS configuration, it is a...
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WCF configuration – using the correct service name

August 4, 2011

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing several questions posted in the MSDN’s WCF forum about problems loading or consuming services, which eventually are found to be because of a misconfigured service name in the WCF configuration section (the <system.serviceModel>|<services> section). This is an example of a thread that ended by fixing the namespace in the configuration: And this thread was a bit trickier, but also ended with a “small” mismatch problem: So let me just recap the purpose of the name attribute in the service section – when a...
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Entity Framework 4.1– beware of the DbSet.Find method

August 1, 2011

One of the new features of Entity Framework 4.1 is the DbContext API which is basically a simplification of the ObjectContext API, and is intended to make your life a bit easier. In this new API you can find the DbSet.Find method which according to MSDN does the following: “Uses the primary key value to attempt to find an entity tracked by the context. If the entity is not in the context then a query will be executed and evaluated against the data in the data source, and null is returned if the entity is not found...