My WCF Crash Course and Advanced Workshop in Sela’s Dev-Days

June 27, 2011

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Yesterday we started Dev-Days at Sela – 5 days, 15 experts, 25 session, and a whole lot of people (around 600 people registered for this week).

Yesterday Erez Harari and I had our WCF Crash Course – going from 0 knowledge to a 100 in 9 hours. We talked about services, contracts, hosting, monitoring, RESt, security, reliability, and extensibility. There were about 40 people that attended the session, and I enjoyed it a lot. To those of you who attended the lectures, and to those who just want to take a peek at what we talked about, I’ve uploaded the presentation and the code samples:

Today I had my session about advanced WCF. The classroom was packed with about 50 people, and we had a lot to talk about:

  • Monitoring – WMI, Performance counters, WCF end-to-end tracing, AppFabric, Message logging, and sniffers

  • Performance – instancing, throttling, concurrency, thread pool, async services, timeouts, and all sorts of hidden settings

  • Security – transport and message security, certificates, negotiation, impersonation, and delegation

  • Client – REST clients, Silverlight clients, client proxy and ChannelFactory<T> best-practices

  • Extensions – custom behaviors and extensible object

This presentation and its demos is also available for download:

This week is not over for me yet, tomorrow I will give a short presentation about entity framework and distributed applications, on Wednesday I will join Yaniv in his lecture about parallel programming and high-performance computing (HPC), and on Thursday I will have a full day workshop about Fiddler and web debugging.

There are still some available seats for my fiddler presentation, so if you want to learn how to monitor traffic, manipulate traffic, and how to write your own custom inspectors, register to this last day of Sela’s Dev-Days.

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