MIX 2011–Day 0

April 12, 2011

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So day zero began with me flying from Israel to Las Vegas through Newark, where I missed my flight due to all the security checks. Luckily there was a flight leaving two hours later, so I was able to get to Las Vegas in a decent hour.

Tomorrow starts day 1 of MIX, so I have to get up early (this post was written in 2am) to register.

I would probably go this time to the Azure sessions, since it correlates with my current work on Windows Azure and Windows HPC Server (I’ll post some info on this later on this week), but I’m sure the other 11 consultants from Sela that are also attending this conference will be able to update me on the other stuff that are going on and which I’ve missed.

You can check the sessions list at the following link:


And watch some of the keynotes and lectures at this link:


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