To MIX or not to MIX (2011)

March 24, 2011

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This will be the first year I’m attending MIX in Las Vegas this coming April (12-14).

Since most of my work is web-related, It’s only logical that eventually I would attend this conference to see what the future of the web will look like in the coming year.

We’re going to have quite a large presence of Sela employees at the conference, very much like we had in the PDC conference in 2009.

Since I tend to get bored when listening to lectures all day long, I would be happy to talk some of the day about my fields of expertise that include WCF, Entity Framework, Silverlight and ASP.NET. If you’re an MCT that is going to teach the WCF 4 MOC course, I’d be happy to give you some pointers regarding the course material and labs.

So if I can be of assistance to you in any way, contact me, or place a comment in this post.

Or… Just grab me during the conference and start asking questions. You can recognize me quite easily – I’ll be one of Sela’s experts that is wearing an orange shirt, like so:


Or in case someone asks me WCF questions, maybe you’ll even catch me in this pose (without the presentation in the background, unless I see an available projector):


you can even just come to say hello so I’ll know people are actually reading my blog Smile

See you at MIX.

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