Tech-Ed experience, day 3 part 1

November 30, 2010

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This morning I got up as usual, a bit hangover from yesterday (didn’t drink much, but forgot to drink water to compensate).

I went to the lecture Viki and Daniel gave about BizTalk & AppFabric and how the two tools integrate together.


They started to talk about BizTalk and the new features of BizTalk 2010, including the mapping enhancements and the new improved connectors to enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle.

IMG_1897 IMG_1899

Then they moved to talk about AppFabric in IIS 7.5 and how it can be used to monitor WCF and WF services and also gave some words about the additional AppFabric Cache (2 sentences, not something special).


And then they moved on to talk about how to connect the two technologies together and gave sample scenarios for each technology.


I’ve known Viki and Daniel for over 10 years, since our days in the army, and I enjoyed the lecture, although I wanted to see more about Windows Azure AppFabric, but I guess they didn’t have enough time to show everything.


Just a note to Viki, Daniel, and some other lecturers I noticed making the same mistake – Summary is written with an “a”, not with an “e” (summery comes from summer – you know, hot and sticky, mostly in Eilat).

After the lecture I went to get a cup of coffee in Aroma, and now I’m in the Sela’s suite, waiting to talk to people about WCF and other technologies I specialize in. So if you have questions and you have the Sela VIP card, come to the suite on the 16th floor in the Royal Beach hotel.

See ya later.

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