My first day at Tech-Ed Israel 2010

November 28, 2010

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My day started early at around 5:00am. I didn’t arrive to Eilat by plane, as some of the participants in the convention, but rather took a bus ride with other Sela employees, from our offices at Ramat-Gan (well, Bney-Brak actually, it’s kinda the border between the two cities).

We left at around 7:30am, and did some stops on the way, mainly at the large crater (Machtesh Ramon) before we arrived to Eilat.IMG_0557

We came quite a large group – around 40 people on the bus and additional 20 people which already arrived to Eilat 2-3 days before to arrange the recordings of the convention.


(This is everyone that was on the bus, excluding myself, since I took the picture).

We arrived exactly when Jason Zander gave his keynote about dev tools, together with Yochay Kiriaty and Noam King.

They spoke about the cloud and Azure, about writing applications that compile to both Silverlight and WPF, about Creating MVC 3 applications using EF code only, and deploying it all on the cloud. They also spoke about the PaaS (Platform as a service) concept which gives you a dev platform that includes SQL Azure and TFS Azure, combined with build server and different types of security including Yahoo, Gmail, ADFS (Active Directory Federates Services).


(Yochay getting ready to demonstrate the WPF/SL flashcards game)


(Noam has some problems with his internet connection, but finally a net-stick came to the rescue and Noam managed to bring up the templates window he so wanted to show us and added the Ninject DI for MVC)IMG_0591

(Jason begins to talk about PaaS)

The concept of compiling an application for both WPF and SL is cool, but it is hard to create such application. I spoke a bit with Arik who wrote some of the demos that were shown today and although the outcome is very cool and lets you do amazing stuff with the “3 screens and a cloud” concept, it has several things you need to take into account when developing such applications, as you can read in Arik’s blog.

After the first keynote I was a bit hungry (after all, I did get up at 5:00am), so I went to Sela’s VIP suite (employee’s privileges) and enjoyed the view and some talks with some of the people.




Later on that evening, we went to the opening keynote at the harbor. The opening show was cool, and I enjoyed the movies MS created for the demos. The pretty much summed up in one hour all the topics that are going to be discussed in the coming two days – Azure, Control Center, VS, and a whole lot of other cool stuff which I can’t wait to go and listen to.



Afterwards we went to the cocktail party, I met a lot of people I know, and some I forgot I know. For someone who has been around for the last couple of years, I wasn’t able to move 10 meters without recognizing someone.

That’s it for me for today. Tomorrow I will go the Sela’s VIP suite to do some consulting, and perhaps even find some time to go to lectures (I’m going to lectures all across the board – virtualization, cloud, restful services, VS lab management, Sharepoint 2010. I hope I get to hear at least two lectures).

I’ll be back tomorrow to give you an update and more photos.


And thanks to my wife for making me take my camera to this event, otherwise you would all just read this text without seeing these great photos.

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