System.Transactions, not only for databases

September 29, 2010

In every WCF course I gave in the past couple of years, whenever I began teaching how to use transactions in WCF, the same question comes up again – can we use transactions on anything else other than a database when using the TransactionScope class? The basic answer I give is as follows: every resource manager that implements the necessary interface and enlists itself to the transaction scope is supported, so in short – you can use transactions on anything, IF YOU IMPLEMENT IT. To allow a resource manager...

ASP.NET Compatible WCF services concurrency problem

September 27, 2010

In case you didn’t know by now, using sessions in ASP.NET will cause multiple client calls to be synchronized. This behavior, as explained in this blog post, can cause delays and timeouts in page processing, and unfortunately is not always easy to solve. The easiest solution is to set each page’s EnableSessionState to either Enabled or ReadOnly. Pages which use session for read operations only and marked appropriately can run concurrently. Note that it is enough that one page is marked for read/write to lock the session for all concurrent pages. ...

Showing XML in IE9, the “old way”

September 22, 2010

This week I made a rookie mistake – I’ve installed IE9 a day before I had to give a presentation about WCF where I wanted to show the audience how to look at a WSDL file that is exposed by the service. Needless to say I was a little embarrassed when IE9 didn’t show the content of the WSDL file. Apparently, one of the bugs/issues that the beta currently has is with showing XML file the old fashion way. IE9 has a new feature that allows you to format an XML document using CSS, which is...
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