PDC 09 – Entity Framework 4

November 18, 2009

First time that I can say – there are MANY people that use EF4. How do I know? because the session had the room filled with people, with people waiting outside ! EF 4 is great. It solved many of the problems of EF3.5 and made the technology more mature and useful. What annoyed me in the lecture is that it showed all the features of EF4 that people already know of (well, I know of). The title was misleading because I thought they will talk about new features that don't exist currently. Here is the list of features, and links...
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PDC 09 updated – ASP.NET 4 Futures

I must admit, I had not used ASP.NET for a long time (lately I’m a Silverlight fan), so most of the things were new to me. What I liked about this session is that it was indeed about “Futures” because some of the things shown were still in development. The topics discussed: Helpers RAD development using ActiveRecord over Entity Framework for Asp.Net MVC Introducing TaskScheduler to perform background tasks (no need to code with System.Threading no more) Sending Emails with verification New control for file upload with progress bar Simple mechanism for using routing with web forms (aspx). Instead of using “\App\Welcome.aspx” use “App\Welcome”....
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PDC blogging – Data Programming and Modeling

November 17, 2009

As I've stated before, I attended the data programming and modeling session - And I enjoyed every minute. Chris Anderson and Don Box rock !   They talked about Entity Framework 4 – The automatic lazy load (no more need to call the damn Load() method), different approached of model first, POCO and code only (using the fluent API) etc. There was a talk about code first having a configuration class instead of writing all the fluent API by hand, and without having to add attributes to your POCO classes - that is something worth checking out. They also showed...

PDC 2009 First Impression

Wow ! I’m not familiar with events of this size. For me, Israeli Tech-Ed was the biggest event I attended. Well, there’s something strange about flying 20 hours to the far end of the world, going to a city with million of people of different types, and entering a conference center will thousands of geeks moving around. First Keynote was interesting, a lot of talking about “3 screens and a cloud”, cloud in general, Azure in specific. Many new features in VS2010, IIS, and Windows to support all the features of Azure and such. I’m looking forward to the different session. My...
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Implementing Composite design pattern in Entity Framework

Last week, a colleague of mine asked me to create a sample composite design pattern model in Entity Framework. I thought to myself, no problem, created the table that contains the Component, Leaf & Composite entities (according to TPH – Table Per Hierarchy) and went to build the EDM based on the table and there I started to have problems which needed manual fixing. Since I’m working with EF 3.5, I’ve built the DB prior to the model – In EF 4.0 you can do model-first and build your db by script. After reverse engineering the db table, I got...

Entity Framework View Generation Fixup

November 16, 2009

A few day ago, a colleague of mine, Shlomo Goldberg, raised a question about Entity Framework and large models. Another colleague of mine, Gil Fink posted some links to helpful tips for using large models, and I want to talk about one of these tips – using the View Generation option. If you’ve worked with large models in Entity Framework 3.5, you probably noticed that as the model grows, it takes more time to initialize the ObjectContext for the first time. A solution to this is to use view generation, using the EdmGen tool, which can reduce up to...
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