Entity Framework 4 Lecture at the Web Developers Community (WDC)

September 7, 2009


Just wanted to say I had a great time giving this lecture. I’m pleased to hear people learned more than just about entity framework.

Big thanks to Noam King for inviting me to give this lecture, and to Guy Burstein & MS for the accommodations.

I’ve uploaded the presentation, code samples (Both EF 3.5 & 4.0) and the sample DBs I’ve used (as .MDF files, you’ll need to attach them to your db to make them work).

You can download the entire file from here.

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  1. ShlomoSeptember 7, 2009 ב 10:08 am

    היה נהדר, תודה

  2. ג'קSeptember 7, 2009 ב 12:16 pm

    ההרצאה היתה מפנקת !

  3. JackSeptember 7, 2009 ב 12:17 pm

    הרצאה מפנקת,תודה.