Serializing Expression Trees – V1

October 5, 2008

I've blogged before (in hebrew) about the difficulty of serializing expression trees to XML. To conclude my hebrew post, I've found a project in CodePlex, called MetaLinq which might be the solution to the problem - this open source allows to perform Linq queries over expression trees, and as a consequence, might allow serialization of the navigable expression tree. I've worked in past few days to fix the code of the project to allow serializing the tree with DataContractSerializer. The project can be downloaded from here. The next version will : Support XML serialization with XmlSerializer...

Entity Framework generated queries – look out

October 1, 2008

One of the least explored field in Entity Framework is what happens to your queries when you work with a large set of entities and hierarchies. When querying an entity that has a -to-many relations, the generated query is a simple query - contains only the fields of that entity. When querying an entity that has a -to-1 relations (1:1, N:1, 1:0..1 ...), the generated query contains the fields of the queried entity and the keys of every -to-1 relations. This was made to allow the related entities to automatically be referenced to already loaded entities (in case...
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