Using extension SDKs in without installing it

Monday, September 29, 2014

In my Windows 8.1 project I wanted to use the SQLite PCL library. I Installed it from nuget and everything worked great so I committed the changes to the source control and moved on. When my colleague pulled the changes, it didn't compiled. The nuget package installed an extension SDK for me but apparently it doesn't install it when you restore the package (very bad for CI). So it seems that the only solution is putting the SDK inside our 3rdParty folder and putting it as part of our source control, but unfortunately this wasn't an easy task – so im writing about...
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Concurrency, WinRT ObservableCollection and Iteration

Monday, January 14, 2013

You can download the source-code from Today I want to discuss a problem I faced in a WinRT project I'm working on The short story: We receive events from the network on a background thread(s) The events bubble up to the UI layer and caught in the ViewModel The ViewModel changes an inner ObservableCollection in response to the event One thread is adding\removing from the collection while another searches for an element in it. The search is iterating a collection that is being modified è Exception is thrown  The solution to the problem is one of two: Making a lock mechanisem on the collection...

Adding Localization support to WinRT C# Application

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When we create applications we usually want to make them easy to use by our users. One way to make application more accessible internationally is to make it localized to the users' language and regional settings. In this post I wish to show how to add localization support to your WinRT C# application. All the source code can be downloaded from my GitHub: Sample App I created a simple application that includes a simple login page (the app includes only UI) and currently supports "en-US" and "he-IL" locales   English version Hebrew version  How does it work? Create a new Windows Store project –...

How to get a unique Device ID in WinRT (C#)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In a project I'm working on I needed to get an ID that uniquely identifies the device that is running the app. WinRT provides an API for HardwareIdentification but you should be aware that the call to GetPackageSpecificToken method will produce different value for each app that calls it.And if you have several applications that needs to interact with a websevice and pass the device id you can't rely on it for identification.Another approach you can use is taking the NetworkAdapterId , which is like using the MAC address (WinRT doesn't give an API to take the MAC itself).Here is a...