Converting Event-based Asynchronous Pattern into Task-based Asynchronous Pattern in C++ using PPL

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In C# we have many ways for writing asynchronous code, we can create our own thread (a bad practice most of the times), we can use the thread-pool, we can use BackgroundWorker or we can use Tasks (and Async\Await which is based on tasks) In order to notify the completion of an asynchronous operation we also have a few options (which depends on the type of dispatch mechanism we used). We can raise event when the work is done, we can call a callback function, or we can use a continuation style like Task.ContinueWith() or the Async\Await pattern...
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Concurrency, WinRT ObservableCollection and Iteration

Monday, January 14, 2013

You can download the source-code from Today I want to discuss a problem I faced in a WinRT project I'm working on The short story: We receive events from the network on a background thread(s) The events bubble up to the UI layer and caught in the ViewModel The ViewModel changes an inner ObservableCollection in response to the event One thread is adding\removing from the collection while another searches for an element in it. The search is iterating a collection that is being modified è Exception is thrown  The solution to the problem is one of two: Making a lock mechanisem on the collection...