StringSplitterConverter–binding to a part of a string in XAML

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I’m involved in a Windows Store project that needs to deal with localization. I already write a about localization in Windows Store application in January 2013 so you are welcome to read about it. Our Xaml designers came to me the other day with an issue they found irritating. They needed to show some text on the screen that contain both regular text (some as bold, some italic etc.) and hyperlinks and if that’s not enough the text-resource was localized. One way to solve this is to separate the text-resource to multiple parts and store each one independently...
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Adding Localization support to WinRT C# Application

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

When we create applications we usually want to make them easy to use by our users. One way to make application more accessible internationally is to make it localized to the users' language and regional settings. In this post I wish to show how to add localization support to your WinRT C# application. All the source code can be downloaded from my GitHub: Sample App I created a simple application that includes a simple login page (the app includes only UI) and currently supports "en-US" and "he-IL" locales   English version Hebrew version  How does it work? Create a new Windows Store project –...