Using extension SDKs in without installing it

Monday, September 29, 2014

In my Windows 8.1 project I wanted to use the SQLite PCL library. I Installed it from nuget and everything worked great so I committed the changes to the source control and moved on. When my colleague pulled the changes, it didn't compiled. The nuget package installed an extension SDK for me but apparently it doesn't install it when you restore the package (very bad for CI). So it seems that the only solution is putting the SDK inside our 3rdParty folder and putting it as part of our source control, but unfortunately this wasn't an easy task – so im writing about...
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How to solve CannotOpen exception when using SQLite after publishing WP8 application to the Store

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Recently I experienced a weird behavior in a Windows Phone 8 application I'm working on. In the application, we are using SQLite for our local DB. Everything worked great in the emulator and when deployed to a device. BUT When we uploaded the app to the store for Beta testing we got an exception on the first operation we made to the DB. After looking at the logs (which isn't that easy after an app is installed by the store), we found that the exception message was “CannotOpen”. After searching this type of error we...
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