.NET Conf IL 2017

September 27, 2017

Big thank you to everyone who came to the local event of the .NET Conf global celebrations.

You can find the slides from all the talks here

Here is the list of sessions and speakers bio:

.NET Conf highlights
The .NET world has never been so exciting, and new stuff are being announced on a daily basis. In this session you’ll get a quick overview about all the new announcements around .NET Core, .NET Standard, ASP.NET Core, EF Core and other related technologies.

About Tamir Dresher:
Tamir is a software architect, consultant, instructor and technology addict that works as Senior Architect at CodeValue Israel. Tamir is a Microsoft MVP and is the Author of the book Rx.NET in Action published by Manning. Tamir teach software engineering at the Ruppin Academic Center and is a regular speaker at local user groups and international conferences. Follow him on Twitter @tamir_dresher

What’s new in C# 7.x and the future C# 8.0?
C# 7 is out with Visual Studio 2017. C# version 7.1 is available as well with the 15.3 update. The C# language continues to evolve – this session shows the new features of these language versions with examples of typical uses cases. Lastly, we’ll look at the next major version, 8.0, and discover what’s planned.
About Pavel Yosifovich:
Pavel is a developer, trainer, author and speaker. He’s the co-author of “Windows Internals Part 1”, 7th edition (2017) and the author of “WPF 4.5 Cookbook” (2012). He’s also a Microsoft MVP and currently works at Cybereason, a cyber security startup. He can be reached at zodiacon@live.com or his blog (http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/pavely) and even on twitter (@zodiacon).

Image recognition with Azure Cognitive Services
“Image recognition” makes it sound like an advanced and almost untouchable technology that is only available to industry bigwigs and image processing experts.
While that may be the case in some aspects, thanks to some new Microsoft tools and services, it has become less intimidating and far more adoptable.
In this session we’ll be going through Azure’s Cognitive Services and learn how to send images for processing and receive the analyzed output data without writing a single line of code!

About Alex Pshul:
Alex is a software developer, consultant and a tech freak that works as a Software Consultant at CodeValue Israel.
Developing complex client side applications for the past 7 years (mostly in .net technologies) made him passionate about system architecture and coding in general.

You can reach Alex via twitter @AlexPshul.

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