Redirecting DLL Loading in .NET application

August 20, 2014

Usually when you create a .NET application and add references to external DLL you end up with an output directory that contains all the referenced dlls. Lately I had a project that a strong dependency on some dlls from another application (we will call it DApp) that was installed on the client machine. The other application wasn't in our responsibility and we couldn't change it so that it will register those dlls in the GAC. We end up with copying all the dlls into our ThirdParty directory, which is what we usually do.I was searching for a way to...
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Visual Studio 14 CTP 3 Was Published

August 19, 2014

Yesterday a new CTP for Visual Studio 14 was released. it includes some very nice features like ASP.NET vNext, Integration of .NET Native and so on. my favorite feature is "PerfTips" which gives you performance information while your debugging you can also hover on the PerfTip and see more details   how cool is that??? you can download the CTP from or run a VM in azure to try it before installing it locally
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