Dealing with reentrancy with DelegateCommand

May 19, 2014

many times in our application we have some button (or another command invoker) that is executing a long processing operation. today, with the power of Async Await its even easier to run these long operations while keeping the UI responsive. usually we will use some kind of DelegateCommand to bind our button to the ViewModels’ operation MissleLauncherView.xaml <Button  Command="{Binding LaunchMissiles, Mode=OneTime}"/>   MissleLauncherViewModel.cs private ICommand _launchMissilesCommand;public ICommand LaunchMissilesCommand {    get    {        return _ launchMissilesCommand ?? (_launchMissilesCommand = new DelegateCommand(           async (_) =>            {                await LaunchLongMissileAttack();            }));    } } this impose a very serious problem, while the LaunchLongMissileAttack method is working, nothing is preventing the command from being called again…and again…and again in...
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Azure vs Amazon vs Rackspace vs HP vs Google: Cloud Storage Infographic from apterainc blog

May 14, 2014

A Nice infographic was published recently with comparison between all major cloud storage provider. TL; DR; Microsoft Azure is first in Writing speed (of small files), Reading speed (small or larger files), Availability (lowest latency) and the only provider that zero errors rate Rackspace was the first in Writing speed of large files you can read more in apterainc blog

Rapidly changing source and the power of RX

May 13, 2014

Recently i needed to work with MediaElement on WP8 where the source URI for the MediaElement was something that was recieved from a 3rd party library using an event event EventHandler<VideoEventArgs> OnVideoChanged; Where VideoEventArgs is defined as follows: public class VideoEventArgs:EventArgs { Uri VideoStreamUri { get; set; } double Rotation { get; set; } //other properties Without going into too much details about the 3rd party, the URI it provides us is the source of the video that is currently broadcasting and rotation in which it was sent to us (think of a mobile device...
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DevGeekWeek 2014

May 12, 2014

Hi everyone, this year i will be talking about “Building Services running on Microsoft Azure” in the DevGeekWeek 2014. It will be fun so come join me. You can find more details on the conference site:
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