Here goes my MVP title

יום שבת, אוגוסט 9, 2008

No no... It's not that I wasn't re-awarded (actually I was in April - for the 3rd time), it's not that I decided to abandon the community and from some obscure reason declined the MVP award ;). Still there is another option that can prevent you from holding an MVP award and that is when you start working for the company that gives this specific award ;). The point is that this month I started as Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Israel where I will be focusing on providing support to enterprise customers holding Premier support contracts. I still have...
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Performance based Active Directory MCP exams

יום שלישי, אוקטובר 23, 2007

 Looks like MS are going in the right direction (finally!) - they are piloting a performance based AD exam that should replace the current multiple-choice tests. For a long time I have been bashing that the current MCP exams format is useless - too many people without proper knowledge have passed the exams just by using braindumps, the questions in the exams are way too far from the real life experiences, dilemmas and tasks me and many other AD consultants like me, are being faced with on a daily basis. Performance based exams should bring in some balance into the...
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How to install Active Directory on Longhorn Server Core

יום ראשון, נובמבר 26, 2006

Before installing AD on Server Core you should make sure you have all the basic requirements satisfied. Not being able to comply with the requirements will not let you set up the Active Directory. The actual list has not been published yet to my knowledge, so you might want to use Daniel Petri's What are the AD installation requirements and recommendations article as guidance.   Note: This article is only good for understanding how to install the FIRST DC in a NEW AD Domain, in a NEW TREE, in a NEW FOREST. Meaning - don't do it for any other scenario, such as...
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Preconfigured virtual machines from Microsoft (aka VHD Test Drive)

יום שני, נובמבר 6, 2006

It's been for a while that I had been looking with envy at VMWare users when I was about to setup some sort of testing environment. All those folks had to do was to go to VMWare's Virtual Appliances Repository and pick the VM that suited their needs. Me, on the other hand, had to go through cloning VHDs, SYSPREP-ing VMs, customizing and installing all those applications just to get going (well, I do have some home made generic VMs, but you can never know what the requirements will be the next time you need to create some virtual environment).   Finally the...
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