Stamping meeting's subject in Exchange calendars using CDO

13 במאי 2007

  Recently I had a customer who, instead of deploying the 2007 daylight savings hotfixes, just moved the entire organization's clock one hour forward. In order to provide a solution I had to cope with several issues: Meetings scheduled with people outside of the company being shifted by one hour Some users decided to manually install the updates and the organization had to be baselined before deploying the necessary hotfixes. Because of the possible issues related to meeting appointments being adjusted incorrectly using Exchange Calendar Update Tool, it was decided that all meetings have to be...
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27 באפריל 2007

Finally I had some time to sit down and dig into System.DirectoryServices (S.DS) namespace in .NET 2. Couple of days later and after too many full ashtrays, what I have is 2 things: A list of links to resources I found to be very useful while trying to get familiar with the topic: Introduction to System.DirectoryServices.Protocols (S.DS.P) by Ethan Wilansky Introduction to System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory (S.DS.AD) by Ethan Wilansky Extemporaneous Mumblings - Ryan Dunn's blog (very useful code examples) Directory Programming .NET - website run by Ryan Dunn and Joe Kaplan - two...
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Preventing local administrators from renaming computers in AD

21 בפברואר 2007

Imagine that you are an administrator in a large distributed AD based environment. You have invested a lot of thought and time in the design, written policies, created procedures and among other things you rely on some sort of naming convention for your servers for the purpose of provisioning and tracking. You rigorously follow the guidelines in order to keep your environment as stable and controlled as possible, but...  But the problem is that in a large environment you do not control everything. It only makes sense that there are user accounts in your AD that are local administrators on a bunch of production servers...
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Bulk add user accounts from a file to security group using batch

14 בינואר 2007

If you have a file containing the names of users (sAMAccountName) and you want to add all of them to a specific group in AD, here is a batch script that might make your life easier:   :: GrpFromFile.CMD - Guy Teverovsky - January 2007:: :: Add users from a file to specific group@echo offsetlocal ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSIONsetlocal ENABLEEXTENSIONSif "%1"=="" goto :SYNTAXif "%1"=="/?" goto :SYNTAXecho/:: Define initial environmentset groupname=%1set filename=%2set scriptname=GrpFromFile:: Determine if supplied arguments were sufficientif "%groupname%"=="" (  echo/  echo ERROR - Insufficient arguments  goto :SYNTAX)if "%filename%"=="" (  echo/  echo ERROR - Insufficient arguments  goto :SYNTAX)if not exist "%filename%" (  echo/  echo ERROR - File not found  goto :SYNTAX):: Locate critical...
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Copying AD user group membership with dsquery and dsmod

22 בדצמבר 2006

  A question was asked at Daniel Petri's forums about copying AD user's group membership using dsquery/dsmod tools. Having some spare time I have written a batch script that does just that - looks at memberOf attribute of source user account and joins the target account to those groups. Important: if the source account is a member in a group that resides in another forest or the group is of Domain Local type, the fact is not reflected in the memberOf attribute and membership in those group will not be copied between accounts. The script is mosly usefull in single domain...
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Summer clock (Daylight Savings Time or DST) in Israel for 2007

17 בדצמבר 2006

I have been fighting this one for several years. Because of the way the daylight savings start and end time were determined in Israel till not long ago, the operating systems that came out of Microsoft's playground do not contain the settings required for configuring summer clock for Israel. If you are looking for more details, you can take a look at my article for year 2005 at Daniel Petri's website and Daniel's excellent followup in 2006 - both articles were written in order to help system administrators to cope with the process of updating the client computers...
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How to install Active Directory on Longhorn Server Core

26 בנובמבר 2006

Before installing AD on Server Core you should make sure you have all the basic requirements satisfied. Not being able to comply with the requirements will not let you set up the Active Directory. The actual list has not been published yet to my knowledge, so you might want to use Daniel Petri's What are the AD installation requirements and recommendations article as guidance.   Note: This article is only good for understanding how to install the FIRST DC in a NEW AD Domain, in a NEW TREE, in a NEW FOREST. Meaning - don't do it for any other scenario, such as...
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Redirecting IE Favorites via GPO

18 בנובמבר 2006

I have seen this question multiple times at different web forums and newsgroups. Sometimes you want to redirect user's favorites to a network share, letting user access his favorites when he logs on from different workstations (or just for the sakes of backups).   The location of the user's favorites is determined by the following registry value: Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell FoldersValue: FavoritesType: REG_EXPAND_SZDefault: %USERPROFILE%\Favorites   The fact that the registry value has a type of REG_EXPAND_SZ is actually very convenient - you can use environment variables when pointing to the location of the...
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Preconfigured virtual machines from Microsoft (aka VHD Test Drive)

6 בנובמבר 2006

It's been for a while that I had been looking with envy at VMWare users when I was about to setup some sort of testing environment. All those folks had to do was to go to VMWare's Virtual Appliances Repository and pick the VM that suited their needs. Me, on the other hand, had to go through cloning VHDs, SYSPREP-ing VMs, customizing and installing all those applications just to get going (well, I do have some home made generic VMs, but you can never know what the requirements will be the next time you need to create some virtual environment).   Finally the...
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