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18 ביולי 2008

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As some of you have noticed, I have removed the recent posts about CoreConfigurator and the download of the tool is not working anymore. This is not a temporary hiccup and the reason I have not put a clarification about what is going on is that there were some things going on behind the scenes. The point is that I developed the tool at my spare time, but the contract with my employer at the time of developing the tool stated that anything I develop (even at my spare time) belongs to my employer.

The bottom line is that the company I worked for has asked me to remove the tool from the web. I will not be developing the tool anymore and can not support it. I have asked about the future of the tool and there is a good chance that it will be re-branded under my former employer logo and will be released to public (not sure whether as shareware or something you pay for). The moment I have more details I will make sure to post an update about CoreConfigurator whereabouts.

P.S.: Just to clear things out: no, Microsoft did NOT ban the tool (actually some MSFT dev folks helped me with some issues I had with WMI)

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19 תגובות

  1. Erik Rozman19 ביולי 2008 ב 13:41

    Sorry to hear about this…

  2. cashcat19 ביולי 2008 ב 15:57

    it is a pity to know this. you have a wonderful work on this, all win08 itpro will respect with this software. thanks all the same.

  3. Very Disappointed19 ביולי 2008 ב 18:59


    This is/was a great tool. I am setting up server 2008 in a lab as I write this. I would be lost with out it. I was lucky to have downloaded it after seeing it presented at MS Tech-Ed this year. MS thought it was so good they used it their demos as a point of interest, in a server core presentation. Sorry to hear you lost your job. You helped me out a lot, thanks!

    -Very Disappointed

  4. gozer20 ביולי 2008 ב 0:25

    There are a couple of other blog sites carrying this story and are pointing the finger at Microsoft. I assume this is not true based on your LinkedIn profile:

    You might want to set the record straight.

  5. Yaniv20 ביולי 2008 ב 14:59


    you did a very good job.

    sorry to hear that you had to gave up the tool…

  6. ConcernedPerson21 ביולי 2008 ב 10:16

    The tool is property of

  7. Guy Teverovsky21 ביולי 2008 ב 14:21

    This tools is not property of
    Daniel Petri is a close friend and fellow MVP, but I never worked for him.

  8. Bipin23 ביולי 2008 ב 21:08

    Please provide me Core Configurator.

    Download URL :- ????????

  9. Guy Teverovsky23 ביולי 2008 ב 21:23


    What part of my post was not clear? I do not develop the tool anymore, I do not have the code, and I will not put the tool online.

  10. Someone Else25 ביולי 2008 ב 1:25

    Maybe, but your work is much appreciated. Terribly unfortunate that two minutes work with google was Absolutly Unable to locate someone who had cached a copy.

  11. Viktor30 ביולי 2008 ב 7:01

    Please provide me Core Configurator

  12. Raj31 ביולי 2008 ב 20:25

    Sounds to me like this company has poor moral ethics. They should let you keep what you created or at the very least pay you for it. Your own time should be "Your OWN time". I'm sure glade that I downloaded it before this happened. Is this an il company?

  13. Mark Wilson19 באוגוסט 2008 ב 11:22

    Too bad that your former employer was so short sighted (or just plain greedy) when it came to the IPR on core configurator. Still, glad to see that you got out – and good luck in your new job at Microsoft!


  14. Joe Sinclair8 בספטמבר 2008 ב 7:26

    Seems to me that your company may have put unenforceable terms and conditions in their contract (specifically the implication that work done in your spare time is Intellectual Proparty of the company).

    I suspect that if you had the inclination or the resources to challenge them on this matter, you would probably succeed.

    But I also appreciate that you probably can't. I certainly wouldn't relish the prospect of initiating a legal battle with my employer.

  15. Larry15 באוקטובר 2008 ב 12:49

    I wish I knew who the ’employer' was so I could make sure I never use their services. Any employer who treats you like this does not deserve my business.

  16. ejuznd2 בדצמבר 2008 ב 18:06

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  17. Frobo6 בינואר 2009 ב 16:52

    It seems, that im lt. late. to look for that tool. 😐
    Sorry for you, but some time it's better that things are organized, even it gets some hard time.