Executing a set of commands against all DCs in the forest

29 בנובמבר 2007

Funny how things turn out. I was visiting today a customer which is undergoing a process of upgrading his Domain Controllers to W2K3 R2 and I was asked to help them get a report of OS version on all the DCs in the forest (multi-domain forest). First I thought to query the AD directly, but it appears that there is no way to distinguish between W2K3 and W2K3 R2 when looking at operatingSystem, operatingSystemVersion and operatingSystemServicePack attributes of the DC's computer account. Now what is so funny about it ? Well, just yesterday I helped out a guy...
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Restoring Exchange 2003 mailbox contents with Exmerge after moving the mailbox to Exchange 2007

22 בנובמבר 2007

Imagine the following scenario: You perform a full backup of mailbox store on Exchange 2003. You move a mailboxe from the backed-up store to an Exchange 2007 server. You try to leverage the Recovery Storage Group feature on the Exchange 2003 server to restore the contents of the mailbox in question using ExMerge to restore/export the contents of the mailbox from a date before the mailbox was moved. The ExMerge export phase fails with the following error in the exmerge.log: ...
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