Hotfix Id – what does this GUID stand for ?

9 באפריל 2009

I know… I know… It’s been a while since I have posted anything on this blog – I could point the finger to various reasons, but it wouldn’t be totally true – the thing is that I just took a short break from my web presence and concentrated on other things. Anyway, I’m back (have no idea if full time :-) ), but does it really matter ? Anyway, back to the topic of this post. If you ever installed W2K8 cluster and ran the validation tool against multiple nodes, you might have stumbled upon the following warning in the...
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Here goes my MVP title

9 באוגוסט 2008

No no... It's not that I wasn't re-awarded (actually I was in April - for the 3rd time), it's not that I decided to abandon the community and from some obscure reason declined the MVP award ;). Still there is another option that can prevent you from holding an MVP award and that is when you start working for the company that gives this specific award ;). The point is that this month I started as Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft Israel where I will be focusing on providing support to enterprise customers holding Premier support contracts. I still have...
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CoreConfigurator clarifications

18 ביולי 2008

As some of you have noticed, I have removed the recent posts about CoreConfigurator and the download of the tool is not working anymore. This is not a temporary hiccup and the reason I have not put a clarification about what is going on is that there were some things going on behind the scenes. The point is that I developed the tool at my spare time, but the contract with my employer at the time of developing the tool stated that anything I develop (even at my spare time) belongs to my employer. The bottom line...
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ADRestore.NET rewrite

15 בדצמבר 2007

Last month I had couple of clients that needed to restore accidentally deleted user and computer account. Though there is a command line version of tombstone reanimation tool called adrestore, the clients were not CLI savvies and having a GUI version of this functionality could really help them out. Some time ago I wrote a GUI version just for the case in VB.NET, but as it turned out it was quite buggy (well, it was one of my first .NET GUI apps), so I set down and rewrote the application from scratch in C#. Now, if you are...
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Executing a set of commands against all DCs in the forest

29 בנובמבר 2007

Funny how things turn out. I was visiting today a customer which is undergoing a process of upgrading his Domain Controllers to W2K3 R2 and I was asked to help them get a report of OS version on all the DCs in the forest (multi-domain forest). First I thought to query the AD directly, but it appears that there is no way to distinguish between W2K3 and W2K3 R2 when looking at operatingSystem, operatingSystemVersion and operatingSystemServicePack attributes of the DC's computer account. Now what is so funny about it ? Well, just yesterday I helped out a guy...
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Restoring Exchange 2003 mailbox contents with Exmerge after moving the mailbox to Exchange 2007

22 בנובמבר 2007

Imagine the following scenario: You perform a full backup of mailbox store on Exchange 2003. You move a mailboxe from the backed-up store to an Exchange 2007 server. You try to leverage the Recovery Storage Group feature on the Exchange 2003 server to restore the contents of the mailbox in question using ExMerge to restore/export the contents of the mailbox from a date before the mailbox was moved. The ExMerge export phase fails with the following error in the exmerge.log: ...
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Performance based Active Directory MCP exams

23 באוקטובר 2007

 Looks like MS are going in the right direction (finally!) - they are piloting a performance based AD exam that should replace the current multiple-choice tests. For a long time I have been bashing that the current MCP exams format is useless - too many people without proper knowledge have passed the exams just by using braindumps, the questions in the exams are way too far from the real life experiences, dilemmas and tasks me and many other AD consultants like me, are being faced with on a daily basis. Performance based exams should bring in some balance into the...
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XP as Domain Controller ?

6 בספטמבר 2007

Well... Not really. But here is a nice tidbit: 1) Create a share called SYSVOL on an XP box 2) Try to unshare the directory you shared as SYSVOL. 3) You will get a nice warning stating: "This share is required for the machine to act properly as a domain controller. Removing it will cause a loss of functionality on all clients that this domain controller serves. Are you sure you wish to stop sharing SYSVOL?" Here is a screenshot:   But do not worry - unsharing SYSVOL on XP will not break your AD. My...
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Mirrored posts to my old blog

22 במאי 2007

For a while I have been posting at, but it seams that I have managed to stumple upon some bug and some of my posts are not geting indexed by search engines. As a result I have copied all the posts I made at to my blog at I have talked to Yosi Taguri who is running the MS Israel blogs webserver and he is looking into it. I will be cross-posting to both blogs for a while till this issue is sorted out.
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