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May 22, 2009

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After HebDev decided to stop developing their free Hebrew translation for the Iphone and leave the market only with the non-free solution, apparently another Iphone developer named Tom Zickel has decided to develop his own Hebrew support for the Iphone.
The Hebrew support is running for few months now, and the Hebrew support exist starting of march although I’ve heard of it only in the last few days.

as taken from the project site:

OpenHebrew – a free high quality Hebrew support for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.
This project comes in 2 parts, the first is only the Hebrew support without Hebrew translation of the interface (what most people abroad might prefer) and the second part is the Hebrew translation itself (which was done by the iVrit project).

I don’t know exactly how does this Hebrew support comparing to the other solutions in the market, but it’s good to know that there are some free solutions available until OS 3.0 will be available as RTM.

in order to get the Hebrew, you can follow the instructions in the following site:
Instructions –
Pictures Instructions –
Site –
For more information regarding the project in english –

The Hebrew support works on versions 2.2 and 2.2.1 as well.


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  1. Open HebrewMay 23, 2009 ב 00:09

    Please get the facts right, did you read the about page?

    פרוייקט והאתר הוקמו על ידי תום ציקל באופן עצמאי.

  2. Guy BacharMay 23, 2009 ב 10:09

    Thanks for the correction.
    Got if fixed.