The story Begins

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The story Begins Lately, I’ve decided to write my own JavaScript library for educational and experimental purposes. The idea came to me while I was creating a demo to a session that I will deliver in the near future. In the session, I wanted to show how to use different JavaScript storage types and didn’t wanted to change my code every time for every storage type. So I’ve created a library to handle client-side data storages in simple and consistent way. The library is called story.js and its first bits are hosted in GitHub. Right now...

MSDN Ultimate Subscriber Giveaways

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MSDN Ultimate Subscriber Giveaways A few days ago I got three MSDN subscribers for MSDN Ultimate to give away as I see fit. The subscriptions allow their owner to download and own full featured versions of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, as well as most of Microsoft software. The retail value of such subscriber is approximately $12,000. Also, the subscriptions are valid for one year of use.  So I thought to myself how do I intend to give away such a valuable gift? do I intend to give it in a session I...

To Use OSS or Not to Use?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Use OSS or Not to Use? This post is a result of a very big discussion I had with a customer that I’m currently consulting for. The discussion started because a project reached its testing phase and to my surprise the QA team worked with… (don’t be shocked) a primitive excel file to manage bugs. The testing phase was taking to long because of things like concurrency (two users can’t edit the excel file at the same time), synchronization of the same file and many other multi-user or files problems. Since in my opinion the situation couldn’t go on...