New Speaking Engagement – FullStack 2016

March 24, 2016

Last week I was notified that I got accepted to speak in FullStack 2016 conference.  In the conference I’m going to have a session about SVG and AngularJS. Here are the session details: Biological Modeling, Powered by AngularJS Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a markup language that enables building two-dimensional vector graphics in the browser. Combining SVG and AngularJS can help you build very interesting models such as graphs, gauges and even more sophisticated graphics. In this session you will get to know what is SVG and how AngularJS and SVG can play together. You will also see an...

Quick Tip – Transclusion in React

March 23, 2016

Yesterday I created a complex React menu component that needed to host another component. In order to do the same behavior in Angular v1 you would have probably used transclusion. In React in order to host a child/ren component inside a host parent component you can use the props.children property. The following example shows a simple component that exposes the option to host other components: export class ExampleComponent extends Component { render() { function createItem(item) { return...
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AngularJS Labs Meetup Speaking

March 19, 2016

Next month, while I’ll be in London for DevWeek conference, you can join me and other fellow speakers to an evening of lightning talks in AngularJS Labs Meetup. In my session, which is called “Who’s Afraid of Front-End Databases?“, I’ll talk about front-end databases and in particularly IndexedDB.Then, I’ll present angular2-indexeddb an experimental library I wrote that wraps IndexedDB in an AngularJS 2 service.I want to thank Gerard Sans for the invitation to come and speak! If you are interested, the event registration is still open. See you there!