Intro to TypeScript Language Slide Deck and Demos

February 25, 2016

Last night I delivered a session in JavaScript Israel Meetup: “Intro to TypeScript Language”. First of all, I want to thank the audience who came to hear a session at the end of a working day! Also, I would like to thank Shai and Oren who invited me to speak in the Meetup. In the session I covered the why to use TypeScript, some key features and how to kick start with the language. If you want to take a look at the slide deck and demos you can find them online.
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angular2-indexeddb Repository is Alive

February 2, 2016

Yesterday I was working on a session idea and started playing with Angular 2 and IndexedDB. The result is angular2-indexeddb an experimental Angular 2 library that wraps IndexedDB database in an Angular 2 service. The library exposes very simple API to enable the usage of IndexedDB without most of it plumbing you will have to do to make it work. I’ll be happy to get your feedback.