New Speaking Engagement – Software Architect 2015

July 7, 2015

New Speaking Engagement – Software Architect 2015A few weeks ago I was notified that I got accepted to speak in Software Architect 2015 conference.
I’m really excited and looking forward to be in the conference for the second time.

In the conference I’m going to have a 2 sessions and one workshop:

Brand new JavaScript: ECMAScript 2015

In recent years, JavaScript has become one of the dominant development languages. Today, JavaScript is everywhere – operating systems, browsers, servers, devices and more. But still there are a lot of missing parts in the language that makes writing JavaScript uneasy for developers. ECMAScript 2015, the new JavaScript specification, is changing that.

In this session, Gil will introduce the new language features that ECMAScript 2015 adds to the JavaScript language, showcasing the new keywords that the language is going to support, how to use arrow functions and much more besides.

Web Components: the future is here

Web development has changed dramatically over recent years. With the enormous amount of JavaScript libraries and the new HTML5 standard, today it is easier to create rich internet applications (RIA). When building RIAs, you will probably want to reuse some of the web components you built. But how you can do that with the current state of HTML?

One of the new and emerging standards in HTML5 is Web Components. The Web Components standard enables you to create reusable web components that include both HTML and JavaScript. In this session, Gil will make you familiar with the Web Components standard and you will learn how to use it even today. We will also explore libraries such as Polymer and X-Tag.

Componentising your applications with Web Components, Polymer and AngularJS (Workshop with Uri Shaked)

Over recent years, web development has changed dramatically. Today, more than ever, when you are building your front-end, you will probably want to reuse components across your application. But HTML elements are very limited, so what can we do?

In this workshop, Gil and Uri will deep dive into ways you can componentise your front-end. They will start by presenting the new HTML5 Web Components standard. Then move on to explore the Polymer library, which can help you to build Web Components faster and includes a lot of built-in web components.
They will also talk about AngularJS directives and how they relate to Web Components world.
This workshop will include a lot of exercises in order to help delegates familiarize themselves with the material.

Hope to see you there!

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