A New Session is Coming Ahead – End-to-End SPA Development using ASP.Net and AngularJS

February 16, 2015

In two months, I’m scheduled to deliver a session about single page applications (SPAs) development using both ASP.Net and AngularJS. If the two subjects, ASP.Net and AngularJS, interest you and you want to see how to combine both of the technologies, you can join me in Wednesday, April 15 at Microsoft office. The event is free and the registration started today. The number of tickets is limited and from my experience the tickets are sold very fast. Hope to see you there!

Build Reusable Web Components Using HTML5 Web Components Session Slide Deck and Demos

February 12, 2015

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of delivering a session in JavaScript Israel in the “Web Components & Polymer” Meetup. In the event I talked about the Web Components standard in a session titled “Build Reusable Web Components Using HTML5 Web Components“. I explored the needs for the standards and then drill down into the four main specifications that are part of the standard. I want to thank all the attendees who came to hear my talk and the other talks. You can find the slide decks online in my SlideShare account and the demos here.Also, if you...
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