Copying Content in The Name of Naming Recognition

September 17, 2013

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Copying Content in The Name of Naming Recognition

This post is a little off topic. Yesterday I saw a tweet of some respectful community leader who published a link to some other guy’s article. So I went to read the article and saw the same demo code and a lot of phrases I used in an article I published a year ago in the same subject. It isn’t the first time someone is copying my content. On the other hand, most of the people who copied my content had the dignity to reference my blog/article. This guy didn’t bother to do that and it pissed me off because it took me a few research days and a later few hours to write the article.

From time to time I stumble on duplicated content or half duplicated content in the web. Some guy spends a lot of time writing an article/post and publish it in some website/blog. Sometime, it includes a lot of research in order to write some content. Later on, some other guy read the publication and decides to copy its content or part of its content and publish it as it was his own. The gain of the second guy is that he didn’t have to spend time for research or even for writing. He got all the content “baked” on the web just waiting to be copied. On the other hand, he gains publicity and name recognition on top of the guy who really did the research or writing.

Piracy is a part of the web and it is a known fact. There is no way to prevent people from copying content even though we use copyrights or other means. If you have written an article/post someone probably copied it already. On the other hand, we keep on publishing our content because we care and because we want to help other developers.

So, if you kept on reading the post and you are copying other people’s work, please show some dignity and reference or mention the article you copied. If you are writing your own content and publishing it over the web, keep on doing it and don’t be bullied by content pirates.

I would like to know your thoughts in this matter.

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