Front-End.IL Next Meetups

July 30, 2013

Front-End.IL Next Meetups In two weeks we are having the second Front-End.IL Meetup and this time it is all about AngularJS. We are meeting in SELA HQ at Baruch Hirsh 14-18, Bnie Brak on August 15, 2013. Since the Meetup is currently full, you can join the waiting list and if a seat will be opened you will be notified. Except for the second Meetup, I’ve published the third one we are having in September. In September’s Meetup we will have a session about browser internals, which is a must session for any front-end developer. There are...
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Modern Web App Architecture

July 25, 2013

Modern Web App Architecture Yesterday, I had an architecture consulting session at a customer. They are currently evaluating the creation of a new product which is going to be created as a web app. At the end of the day I decided to create a diagram of how I see today’s modern web apps architecture. Here is what I ended up with: Pay attention that since the customer is using ASP.NET I have written the presentation layer with ASP.NET MVC. This can be changed to any framework that you use (for example Ruby,...
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Getting Started with RequireJS Library

July 23, 2013

Getting Started with RequireJS Library One of the most commonly used JavaScript library today is RequireJS. In every project that I’m involved lately, we use RequireJS or I suggest to add RequireJS. In this post I’m going to describe what is RequireJS and some of its basic scenarios. Async Module Definitions (AMD) First You can’t start talking about RequireJS without mentioning what are JavaScript modules and what is AMD. JavaScript modules are just pieces of code that follow the SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) and expose public API. In today’s JavaScript development, you encapsulate a...
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Quick Tip – TypeScript Declare Keyword

July 22, 2013

Quick Tip – TypeScript Declare Keyword Last week, Yaniv Rodenski and I delivered a TypeScript session in WDC.IL user group. One of the things we showed during the session was the declare keyword. In this short quick tip, I’ll describe what is this keyword and where to use it. If It Doesn’t Exists, Declare It Not all JavaScript libraries/frameworks have TypeScript declaration files. On the other hand, we might want to use libraries/frameworks in our TypeScript files without getting compilation errors. What can we do? One solution is to use the declare keyword....

Building End-to-End TypeScript Applications – Slide Deck and Demos

July 17, 2013

Building End-to-End TypeScript Applications – Slide Deck and Demos Yesterday, Yaniv Rodenski and I had the pleasure of delivering a “Building End-to-End TypeScript Applications” session in WDC.IL user group. First of all, we want to thank all the attendees who came to hear us! In the session, we introduced the TypeScript language and explained how to build an end-to-end TypeScript application using libraries like jQuery and Kinetic.js in the client-side and node.js in the server-side. The session agenda was: The Why Introduction to TypeScript Building...
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First Front-End.IL Meetup Summary, Slide Decks and Demos

July 16, 2013

First Front-End.IL Meetup Summary, Slide Decks and Demos First, I want to thank all the attendees who came yesterday to the first Front-End.IL Meetup. We had a lot of fun and it was nice meeting and getting to know new people who have passion for front-end development. I also want to thank SAP Labs for the hosting of the event. In the Meetup, I had the opportunity to talk about useful JavaScript object patterns. We talked about the arguments object, how to create objects and object constructor functions, what is prototypical inheritance, what are closures...

New Speaking Engagement – DevConnections

July 11, 2013

New Speaking Engagement – DevConnections I got notifications a few weeks ago that I have been chosen to speak at DevConnections 2013 conference. The conference will take place between September 30 to October 4 at Las Vegas, USA. In the conference I’ll have the following sessions: Creating Data-Driven HTML5 Applications HTML is the markup language that every web developer uses in order to structure and present content on the Internet. HTML5 is the standard that is currently being shaped and developed. It extends and improves the HTML4 standard, taking it to the next level...

TypeScript at WDC.IL

July 1, 2013

TypeScript at WDC.IL If you are interested in a jump start to TypeScript language, Yaniv Rodenski and I are having a session in WDC.IL about ‘Building End-to-End TypeScript Applications’. The session will be held on July 16, 2013 at Microsoft offices in Ra'anana and it is free for all. In the session we are going to explain what is TypeScript and how to use it. On the way we will build an app with TypeScript both in the client-side and in the server-side using libraries like jQuery and node.js. You can register to the event from...
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First Front-End.IL Meetup is on The Way

First Front-End.IL Meetup is on The Way In about two weeks we are having the first Front-End.IL Meetup. The Meetup will take place in SAP Labs Ra’anana, at 15 of July between 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Ran Wahle and yours truly are going to have two one hour sessions. Ran’s session is going to introduce breeze.js library while I’m going to talk about common JavaScript object patterns like how to create objects, prototypical inheritance, what are immediate-executed functions and how to mimic privacy in JavaScript. For more details about Front-End.IL Meetup you can go to this link....