Quick Tip – Windows Store apps and StoreManifest

April 18, 2013

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Quick Tip – Windows Store apps and StoreManifest

Lately, a Windows Store app that I help to build was published to the Windows Store. Not a day passed and the customer contact us with a problem they are having. As it seems, the app exists in the Windows Store but it doesn’t appear in the store search results. After a quick investigation we learned that the customer license was OEM channel license and as such the app was deployed by default exclusively to the OEM channel and to public use.

Solving The Problem

In order to solve the problem we added a StoreManifest.xml file to the app root. One of the xml elements that you can use in StoreManifest.xml is the ExclusiveOptOut element. If ExclusiveOptOut element is set to true, it configures the app not to be exclusively distributed through the OEM channel in the Windows Store. Here is an example of StoreManifest.xml with the ExclusiveOptOut element:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


You should pay attention to your developer license and its restrictions. If you are OEM channel developer, you can distribute your app in the Windows Store. All you have to do is add a StoreManifest.xml file with ExclusiveOptOut element.

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