SDP13 Windows Store app is Available

April 10, 2013

SDP13 Windows Store app is Available

SDP13 Windows Store app is Available

SELA Developer Practice (SDP) is Sela Group’s annual conference. The next scheduled conference will occur between May 5-9, 2013. I’ve written about the conference in a previous post.

Yesterday, we launched a new companion Windows Store app for the conference. I had the pleasure of developing the app so if you find any bugs or have feature requests please don’t hesitate to contact me.

App Features

  • Browse through sessions and speakers
  • Browse through conference tracks
  • Explore speaker details
  • Explore session details
  • Send a register request
  • Add sessions or tutorials to favorites page
  • Search for sessions, speakers and tracks

A Glimpse at the app

Here are some screen shots taken from the app:

SDP13 Win8 App


SDP13 Win8 App


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