Debugging Windows Store app Background Tasks

December 31, 2012

Debugging Windows Store app Background Tasks Windows Store apps can run operations in the background using background tasks. Background tasks are triggered using a background triggers like time or system maintenance. That raises a question which is how we can debug background tasks. Visual Studio 2012 to the Rescue Visual Studio 2012 can help you trigger a background task manually. First you need to add a breakpoint to the background task code that you want to check. After you set your breakpoint, you can trigger the background task using the Suspend drop down menu (part...

Launching URIs in a Windows Store app

Launching URIs in a Windows Store app During the writing of a Windows Store app, we got a requirement to launch a web page from the app. Launching a web page means opening a browser with a given URI. So how can you accomplish that? The answer is very simple and is explained in this post. The Windows.System.Launcher Namespace In Windows Store apps you can use the WinRT Windows.System.Launcher namespace to launch web pages or files. The namespace includes the following API functions: launchUriAsync – receives a Windows.Foundation.Uri and open it in...
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Sela SDP Call for Papers

December 26, 2012

Sela SDP Call for Papers SDP (SELA Developer Practice) is Israel's largest technology conference focused on Microsoft technologies. On May 2013, we are having the next SDP conference and this time we are opening a call for papers to the wide audience. Speaker Benefits Speakers are our most valuable asset, and are treated as such. If your talks are accepted, we will take care of the following: Book your flights to Israel and back Book you a hotel room in Tel-Aviv for the days of your talks...
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HTML5 Open House – Slide Deck and Demos

December 5, 2012

HTML5 Open House – Slide Deck and Demos Yesterday, I delivered two HTML5 open house at Sela Group HQ. The main reason for running two sessions at the same day was the amount of registered participants (so, I delivered the same session twice). I want to thank all the attendees who came to hear about the transition that the web eco-system is going through. The session agenda was as follows: What is HTML5? The New Elements (structural elements, inline elements, new input types and new attributes)  ...
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