SDP12 Wrap Up

November 27, 2012

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SDP12 Wrap Up

SDP12 Wrap Up

During the last two weeks, I had the pleasure of attending Sela SDP12 conference. If you don’t know, SDP (Sela Developer Practice) is the annual Sela developers conference. This year the conference had ~1350 attendees and instead of regular 5 days conference it had 8 full days packed with a lot of technologies and fun.

In the conference I had 2 breakout sessions and 4 tutorial days (The JavaScript day was duplicated):

  • Speeding Up Web Applications (Breakout session):
    Performance tuning is a must for every application, no matter whether it is a smart client or a Web based application. Web applications and sites that perform better can help to achieve higher user engagement and make the users happier and satisfied. In this session we will discuss techniques to make a web application run faster by reducing bandwidth, reducing the number of resources used, optimizing scripts and CSS, and a lot more. We will also take a look at some tools that will help you during the process of performance tuning.
  • Deep Dive Into Entity Framework Code First (Breakout session):
    Entity Framework 4 brought many new opportunities for building complex data driven applications. Code First is a new Entity Framework capability that provides a code-centric experience for interacting with models and databases. This session will cover several Entity Framework features such as Code First, and provide an overview of what to expect from Entity Framework vNext.
  • Deep Dive into HTML5 (Tutorial with @spederiva):
    HTML is the markup language that every web developer uses to structure and present content in the Internet. HTML5 is the standard that is being shaped and developed currently. It extends and improves the last HTML4 standard and takes it to the next level with multimedia, communication support and more. In this one day tutorial you will get to know what is HTML5 and how you can use it even now in your web applications/sites.
  • ASP.NET MVC 4 (Tutorial with @spederiva and @ranwahle):
    ASP.NET MVC framework is becoming the de facto framework for building web applications in the .NET environment. It is built upon the ASP.NET core and helps to apply good practice such as separation of concerns and testing into the process of building your web application or site. During this one day tutorial you will be introduced to ASP.NET MVC framework and deep dive into a lot of it aspects such as the Razor view engine, AJAX integration, working with models and more.
  • Deep Dive into JavaScript (Tutorial with @ranwahle and @EladKt):
    JavaScript is gaining a lot of attention lately with the rise of HTML5 and with the latest news from Microsoft that it will become a first class citizen in Windows 8. During the last years a very big ecosystem with a lot of libraries and tools was built around it. In this deep dive tutorial we will discuss jQuery, Knockout.js and other libraries which help you build RIA applications with JavaScript. We’ll also dedicate some time to the future directions of client technologies.

I want to thank all the attendees!

See you next year in SDP13.

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