A New Version of story.js is Available

November 15, 2012

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A New Version of story.js is Available

A New Version of story.js is AvailableYesterday, I released a new version of story.js library. The main changes in the new version:

  • The entire library was rewritten using TypeScript. You can find a new story.ts file that includes all the library functionality in TypeScript language. I’ll write about my TypeScript adventures in a follow-up post.
  • Using TypeScript, I managed to find some bugs and to solve them.
  • The Query object was consolidated into the main story.js file and isn’t available in a different file.
  • I removed the IDBFactory object and added a create factory function to the IDBStorage object type. Now the entire library is consistent in its storage objects functionality.

The new version can be downloaded from Nuget. Just use the

Install-Package story.js

command in the Package Manager Console.

If you have any problems, bugs or comments please contact me.

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