CSS3 Transitions

November 28, 2012

CSS3 Transitions In the past I wrote about CSS3 transformations and animations. Another new option in CSS3 is transitions which will be discussed in this post. Transitions In the old web, if you changed a property in CSS the change was instantly updated by the browser. If you wanted the change to happen over a time duration, you needed to use JavaScript code (for example using setTimeout function) or third party library to do that. In CSS3 this situation changes. CSS3 introduced transitions, which enable CSS property changes to occur seamlessly over a given duration. You...
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Using Media Queries in JavaScript Code

November 27, 2012

Using Media Queries in JavaScript Code One of the great additions in CSS3 is the ability to use media queries. Media queries are queries written in CSS which enables you to check different medias types like screen, resolution, print and more. After the query check, you will be able to impose CSS as response for the media that was checked. This behavior occurs automatically but what if you want to check media and impose some logic that isn’t necessary related to style or responsive design? The answer will be discussed in this post. Pay attention the API...
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SDP12 Wrap Up

SDP12 Wrap Up During the last two weeks, I had the pleasure of attending Sela SDP12 conference. If you don’t know, SDP (Sela Developer Practice) is the annual Sela developers conference. This year the conference had ~1350 attendees and instead of regular 5 days conference it had 8 full days packed with a lot of technologies and fun. In the conference I had 2 breakout sessions and 4 tutorial days (The JavaScript day was duplicated): Speeding Up Web Applications (Breakout session): Performance tuning is a must...
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A New Version of story.js is Available

November 15, 2012

A New Version of story.js is Available Yesterday, I released a new version of story.js library. The main changes in the new version: The entire library was rewritten using TypeScript. You can find a new story.ts file that includes all the library functionality in TypeScript language. I’ll write about my TypeScript adventures in a follow-up post. Using TypeScript, I managed to find some bugs and to solve them. The Query object was consolidated into the main story.js file and isn’t available in a different file. ...
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Windows 8 Print Contract – Create Your Own Print Document Source

November 3, 2012

Windows 8 Print Contract – Create Your Own Print Document Source Windows 8 includes the ability to print content from a running Windows Store app. You use the print contract to enable that ability and the Devices Charm to use it. In this post you will learn how to register for print contract and you will create your own print document source. The Windows 8 Print Contract When you want to enable printing in your Windows Store app, you will first need to register  all the views that can be printed to the print contract....