My DevConnections Trip Was Cancelled

October 30, 2012

My DevConnections Trip Was Cancelled First of all, I want to start with an apology to the DevConnections attendees for not making it to the conference. The arrival to the conference was very important to me and I had no luck. On Saturday, I changed my scheduled flight to a later flight this week because of the news about Sandy hurricane. Both the original flight and the new flight were cancelled, and due to that I couldn’t attend the conference. As a speaker, I feel awful because I worked very hard to create cool sessions....
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How to Write a WinJS Custom Control – Take Two

October 29, 2012

How to Write a WinJS Custom Control – Take Two In a previous post, I showed how to create a WinJS custom control that adds support to textbox autocomplete using the HTML5 datalist element. I was asked how I can improve this control to support remote data scenarios so I updated the source code to show how to achieve that. Note that if you are not familiar with WinJS.Promise object which is used in the solution, you can read about it in MSDN before you proceed. The Updated Control Here is the source code for the...
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Fourth Year as Microsoft MVP

October 3, 2012

Fourth Year as Microsoft MVP Two days ago, I was awarded for the 4th year as a Microsoft MVP. I’m now an ASP.NET/IIS MVP since the Data Platform Development expertise was retired. It’s is a honor for me to get the award for the fourth year. I want to thanks everyone in the community that read my blog, attended my presentations and finally follow me on twitter and other social media networks. Also, I would like to thank the following people - Guy Burshtein, Maor David, and last and not least to all...