New Speaking Engagement – DevConnections

May 15, 2012

New Speaking Engagement – DevConnections Lately, I have been chosen to speak at the DevConnections conference. The conference will take place between October 29 and November 1 at the Bellagio hotel, Las Vegas, NV, USA. I’ll have two sessions in the HTML5 Connections: Using Communication and Messaging APIs in HTML5 Applications HTML5 defines new standards for communication and messaging between the browser and the server. In this session we will deep dive into HTML5 messaging APIs such as postMessage and Notifications and also into communication APIs such as CORS...

story.js on Nuget Gallery

May 9, 2012

story.js on Nuget Gallery Today I decided to create a Nuget package for story.js. I was planning to do that earlier in the development process but since I‘m so occupied with work lately I forgot to (my bad). If you are not familiar with the Nuget Package Manager, I urge you to read the following post I wrote. In order to install story.js package in Nuget, all you have to do is one of the following: In Visual Studio, in the Nuget Package Manager Console, write: PM> Install-Package story.jsLike in the following figure and press Enter. In Visual Studio, right...
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story.js New Query Object

May 6, 2012

story.js New Query Object If you are following my Blog you probably know that I’ve published a new JavaScript library by the name story.js. story.js enables web developers to use client-side storages in a simple and consistent way. Today, I’ve added a new feature – query language which resembles LINQ. The query language implementation include functions such as where, forEach, first, last and etc. The query language was created as a plugin to story.js and we are going to add more features to it in the near future. Here is an example of using story query: ...
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New Speaking Engagement – vNEXT Seattle Developers Community

New Speaking Engagement - vNEXT Seattle Developers Community As I wrote in a previous post, I’m going to be in the US on August to speak in the VSLive conference. During my stay in Seattle I’ll join forces with Ido Flatow and we both will deliver sessions in the vNEXT Seattle Developers Community. I’m going to have a session about the new communication and messaging APIs in HTML5 while Ido will talk about debugging the Web with Fiddler. Here are the details of my session: Using Communication and Messaging API in The HTML5...
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