My Coming Gigs

February 8, 2012

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My Coming Gigs

In the next following months I’m going to speak in some events which you can attend.

I’m starting tomorrow with the Build Modern Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript session at Microsoft Ra’anana. This is the third round of this session in the last four months.

On February 22, I’m having a session about HTML5 in Sela Haifa office. If you live in the north of Israel and you want to attend you can go to this link.

Sela SDP March 2012
On March, between 25-29, Sela Group is having a SDP conference and in that conference I’ll have 3 tutorial days. On the 26 and 27 of March I’ll have a full HTML5 tutorial day (with Sebastian) and on the 28 a full advanced JavaScript tutorial day (with Elad and Ran).

I’ve also submitted sessions to conferences around the globe so if I’ll be picked up to speak in such a conference I’ll drop an update in the Blog.

See you around!

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