Working with Inline Web Workers

January 29, 2012

Working with Inline Web Workers In the past I wrote a post about what are Web Workers. In short, Web Workers enable web developers to run JavaScript code in the background which might help to increase web page performance. This post is going to explain what are inline Web Workers and how to create them. Inline Web Workers When dealing with Web Workers, most of the times you will create a separate JavaScript file for the worker to execute. Inline Web Workers are Web Workers which are created in the same web page context or on the fly. The reason for...
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Quick Tip – JavaScript Namespaces

January 27, 2012

Quick Tip – JavaScript Namespaces Namespaces (or named scopes) are widely used in many programming languages. Namespaces help to group a set of identifiers into a logical group. An identifier can be a named class, named interface or any other language element that is contained inside the namespace. Since the same identifier can be used in more than one namespace but with a different meaning, using namespaces can help reduce name collisions. Creating a JavaScript Namespace JavaScript doesn’t include namespaces. On the other hand, JavaScript includes function scopes which means that every function which is...
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Build Modern Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Session – Round Three

January 22, 2012

Build Modern Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Session – Round Three On October 31 and December 26 last year, I delivered the “Build Modern Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript” MSDN session. Since both of the sessions were fully booked, I’m going to deliver the same session on February 9 at Microsoft HQ and give those who didn’t attended in the previous sessions the opportunity to hear it. If you are interested in HTML5 you can register here. See you there! CodeProject
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I’m Back

January 19, 2012

I’m Back If you are following my Blog, you could see that in the last couple of weeks I disappeared a little. This post is being written just to let you know that I’m fine and returned to work after two weeks “vacation”. I’ll return writing posts about development soon so stay tuned. As always, if you need my assistance you can contact me through my blog, my twitter account, or send me an email through the blog’s contact form. I’ll do my best to answer every question that you ask even if the answer is...
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