Sela SDP Returns

November 23, 2011

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Sela SDP Returns


Between 4 to 8 of December, Sela Group is having its annual SDP (Sela Developer Practice) conference. In this 5 days conference there will be 18 tutorial days with 22 experts about the hottest Microsoft technologies. In the conference I’m taking part in two tutorial days:

  • HTML5
    HTML is the markup language that every web developer uses to structure and present content in the Internet. HTML5 is the standard that is being shaped and developed currently. It extends and improves the last HTML4 standard and takes it to the next level with multimedia, communication support and more. In this one day tutorial you will get to know what is HTML5 all about and how you can use it even now in your web applications or sites.
  • Deep Dive into JavaScript (co-presenting with Elad) –
    JavaScript is gaining a lot of attention lately with the rise of HTML5 and with the latest news from Microsoft that it will become a first class citizen in Windows 8. During the last years a very big eco-system with a lot of libraries and tools was built around it. In this deep dive tutorial we will discuss jQuery, Knockout.js and other libraries which help you build RIA applications with JavaScript. We’ll also dedicate some time to the future directions of client technologies. 

See you there!

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