Third Year in a Row

October 2, 2011

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Third Year in a Row

Third Year in a RowYesterday I received the mail from Microsoft that congratulate me for being a Microsoft MVP for the third time. It’s is a honor for me to get the award three years in a row. This time the receiving of the mail was somewhat weird since I saw on Twitter that people got the mail  and I didn’t get it…
Apparently, my Gmail mail account (which is my personal mail account) “thought” that the congratulation mail is spam and moved it into the spam directory. This of course shows the true relationship between Google and Microsoft Smile.

I would like to say thanks to all of you, my blog readers and the Microsoft community, for helping me keep the MVP Award for a third year! Also, I would like to thank the following people – Guy Burshtein, Maor David, and all my colleagues in Sela Group which IMHO everyone of them deserve to get the award! (and Congrats to Ido and Arik for their new MVP Award. You deserved it!)

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