HTML5FEST Conference

September 18, 2011

HTML5FEST Conference The Israeli W3C office holds an annual conference of Israeli web community, with the participation of leading web developers and representatives of global W3C. This year the conference is called HTML5Fest and it will take place in October 25 at Kfar Ha’Maccabiah. The conference will include three tracks: Mobile Web, Browser & Desktop Apps, and Public and Government Internet. I was asked to speak in the conference and agreed, so you can come and hear me talk about “Building Cutting-Edge Sites - HTML5 and Government Organizations”. In the session I’m going to talk about the changes that HTML5 brings...
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HTML5 Adoption Strategies

September 4, 2011

HTML5 Adoption Strategies One of the questions that I got in the session that I delivered today was how to adopt HTML5 today? Since this was a very good question I decided to share what I think about it. Why Do We Need Adoption Strategies? You might ask yourself why do you need an adoption strategy for HTML5? The answer is simple. HTML5 includes many specifications that evolve in different rates. Therefore, the specification support in browsers is complicated to implement for the browser vendors. There are stable specifications such as Geolocation which are implemented by...
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HTML5 Session in VP R&D Forum

HTML5 Session in VP R&D Forum Today I delivered a session for decision makers forum about HTML5. I want to thank all the attendees who came to the session! The session included two parts: What is HTML5? were I introduced what is HTML5 all about. HTML5 Support were I talked about the support in the browsers and the browser wars. Also I got to answer some very good questions like strategies to implement HTML5 today, WPF/Silverlight against HTML5 and more. If you want to download the slide deck you...
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Balsamiq Mockups Tool

September 1, 2011

Balsamiq Mockups Tool As part of a project that I’m currently managing and developing, I was in a need to design UI mockup for a sample web application. I didn’t want to use Visio or Word for this task since I think that it is an overkill to use such “monsters” for a simple (but very important) task. So I remembered Scott Mitchell’s MSDN Magazine article and his recommendation for the Balsamiq Mockups tool. After I read the article last year, I evaluated the tool in the online demo and it was awesome. Yesterday, I went to...
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