HTML5 Web Notifications

July 29, 2011

HTML5 Web Notifications Ever wanted to notify your site clients/users while they are surfing in your site? notifications like “Mail message arrived”, “Printer out of paper” are available through smart clients for decades but in web applications they are not so easy to implement. In the past you could have implemented a blinking behavior that will make the icon of the browser blink or you could add a popup which will annoy your users. There are ways to implement this behavior in a browser specific way (for example Overlay Icon API in IE9) but in HTML5 there is...
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Using The Viewport Meta Tag

July 23, 2011

Using The Viewport Meta Tag Many smartphone browsers support the viewport meta tag which controls the logical dimensions and scaling of the browser’s viewport window. In this post I’m going to describe what is the viewport meta tag and how you can use it in your web pages. Using The Viewport Meta Tag in my Blog When I got my HTC HD7 smartphone I wanted to see how my blog is looking in the smartphone’s browser. So I entered my blog’s address and this is how it was rendered in my phone: The view is not so good since the blog...
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Razor Helpers Syntax

July 19, 2011

Razor Helpers Syntax One hidden gem of Razor View Engine is the declarative helper syntax. With this syntax we can create helper components that are stored as .cshtml files, and enable reusability of view code. The name of the syntax might sound familiar and it is since it reminds the HtmlHelper class that was provided as part of MVC 1. In this post I’ll explain the Razor helper syntax and discuss why it sounds familiar to HtmlHelper. @helper Syntax and The HtmlHelper Class When you want to encapsulate a view code and make it reusable you’ll...

ASP.NET MVC Model Binders

ASP.NET MVC Model Binders One thing that I’m always asked to talk about when I’m delivering ASP.NET MVC sessions or courses is Model Binders. In this post I’ll explain what are Model Binders in ASP.NET MVC and how you can use them in your MVC application. Model Binders ASP.NET MVC is providing a way to de-serialize complex types that are part of the incoming HTTP request input. After these types are de-serialize they are passed to the relevant controller’s action as method arguments. In the following controller action method code, during the execution of ASP.NET MVC...

HTML5 – Selectors API Level 1

July 12, 2011

HTML5 – Selectors API Level 1 Lately, I’m dealing a lot with HTML5. I co-authored a three days course in that topic for Sela, the company I work for. During the process of creating the course I got to learn a lot about HTML5 and what to expect from the new specifications so expect more posts about this subject in the near future. In this post I’m going to describe what is the JavaScript Selectors API Level 1 and compare it with jQuery.   Selectors API The Selectors API enables web developers to select DOM elements and retrieve DOM nodes that match...
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Microsoft Entity Framework June 2011 CTP was Released

July 1, 2011

Microsoft Entity Framework June 2011 CTP was Released Yesterday, ADO.NET team released a new EF CTP. If you attended my Sela Dev. Days EF4.1 tutorial day this week you heard about this release and the new features. Here is the list of new features to expect from EF4.2 that you can evaluate with the new EF CTP: Runtime Features The Enum data-type. At last we will have support for enums. You can use either the Entity Designer within Visual Studio to model entities that have Enum properties, or use the Code First workflow to...