My Sela Dev-Days Experience

June 28, 2011

My Sela Dev-Days Experience Today I finished my Sela Dev. Days experience. Sela Dev. Days is a conference which include 5 days, 15 top experts, 25 session, and a whole lot of attendees (around 600 people registered for this week). If you are not familiar with Sela Dev. Days you can go to the conference’s site. In the conference I had three tutorial days in three different subjects: ASP.NET MVC 3, EF Code First integration, and Razor: Oh My! In this one day tutorial...

Father for the Third Time

June 25, 2011

Father for the Third Time I was asked why is my Blog so lonely lately. This is not because I have a writing block…  The answer is in the following pictures: Three weeks ago Noya, my first daughter, was born and I’m busy with diapers instead of writing lines of code. I will return writing soon so stay tuned! CodeProject

Using Reverse Geocoding to Find an Address

June 22, 2011

Using Reverse Geocoding to Find an Address I had a request from a colleague of mine to help him with a geocoding problem. The colleague needed to find an address by a given latitude and longitude which were supplied by a smartphone consumer. The example in this post will show you how you can use Google geocoding API in order to achieve that using C#. Reverse Geocoding (Address Lookup) Geocoding refers to translating an address into its location or coordinates. The reverse of it is address lookup which occurs when you have the map location and...
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How to Configure a Self Referencing Entity in Code First

June 3, 2011

How to Configure a Self Referencing Entity in Code First A few days ago a worker in Sela asked me how to configure a self referencing entity with EF Code First. In this post I’ll show you how to implement that configuration. Self Reference Scenarios There are a lot of scenarios that we will want to implement a self reference between an entity to itself. For example, we do that when we want to create hierarchies in our application - an employee entity that has a self reference to his/her manager is a very common scenario for that. When we want to...