Creating a Code First Database Initializer Strategy

May 30, 2011

Creating a Code First Database Initializer Strategy Yesterday I helped a colleague with his ASP.NET MVC 3 site deployment. That colleague implemented the data access layer using EF4.1 Code First. One of the restrictions that he had was that he didn’t have database permissions to create a new database and couldn’t use SQL Express or SQL CE in his application. Instead he had an empty database for his disposal in the hosting environment without a way to run SQL scripts… In such a situation the provided Code First database initializer strategies weren’t sufficient (he couldn’t drop or create...

Sela Dev. Days 2011

May 20, 2011

Sela Dev. Days 2011 Next month, June 26-30, Sela is going to have a mini conference – Sela Dev. Days. In the conference you will have the opportunity to meet Israel and world lead experts and learn about the new and coming Microsoft technologies that everyone will talk about in the next following years. The conference includes 25 one day workshop in subjects such as Silverlight 5, Parallel programing, Windows Phone Mango, ASP.NET MVC 3 and more. In the conference I’m having the following three workshop days: ASP.NET...

Quick Tip – Including Empty Directory While Deploying a Web Application

May 18, 2011

Quick Tip – Including Empty Directory While Deploying a Web Application During this week I had to deploy an ASP.NET MVC 3 web application to a host environment using web deploy. The problem I faced was the deployment of an empty directory which is being used by the application. By design, when using web deploy tool in Visual Studio it skips empty directories when packaging a web application. So How can you deploy this empty directory and overcome this problem? The solution is to put an empty stub file in the directory you want to deploy. Just create an empty...
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Visual Studio 2010 Image Optimizer Extension

May 14, 2011

Visual Studio 2010 Image Optimizer Extension One thing that caught my attention while watching the session that Mads Kristensen had in MIX11 was the Image Optimizer extension he is writing. This extension can be very valuable when you are trying to optimize your ASP.NET application (whether it is Web Forms or MVC 3). The Image Optimizer Extension The extension adds the opportunity to use industry proven algorithms such as SmushIt and PunyPNG for optimizing the images in the solution. This is enabled by a new set of menu items that are being...
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A Tough Nugget – NuGet Package Manager

May 8, 2011

A Tough Nugget – NuGet Package Manager Once upon a time when a .Net developer wanted to install a third-party/open source component the amount of work he had to do was enormous. Things like downloading the component with all its dependencies, installing the latest component version, saving the component into source control, deploying the component with the application and more made this mission very hard and cumbersome. In other platforms such as Java and Ruby there were solutions for this problem which wrapped components into packages and deploy those packages. NuGet is an open source package manager that is integrated...

Geolocation API and Client-Side Maps Frameworks

May 2, 2011

Geolocation API and Client-Side Maps Frameworks During the wrap up of the HTML5 course that I’m currently co-authoring, I’ve created two examples of using Geolocation API with Google Maps and with Bing Maps (I didn’t want to deprive any of them ). This post won’t introduce the frameworks or the APIs. On the other hand try to find the differences of doing almost the same thing in both of the client-side maps frameworks. Google Maps and Geolocation API <!DOCTYPE html> <html> ...

WCF Data Services Processing Pipeline

WCF Data Services Processing Pipeline First I must confess. Even tough I like OData and WCF Data Services, in the last couple of months I didn’t have the chance to work or use them. This is why when .NET 4 was shipped I haven’t noticed a new and interesting extension point in the framework – the processing pipeline. In the last MIX11 I got a little introduction to that extension point in Mike Flasko’s session. In this post I’ll explain what is the WCF Data Services' server side processing pipeline. WCF Data Services Processing Pipeline In...
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