MIX11 Second Keynote Session Summary

April 13, 2011

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MIX11 Second Keynote Session Summary

I’m currently attending the MIX11 second keynote session. MIX11 Second Keynote Session SummaryHere are some of the things that you might consider to checkout in the following weeks:

  • The next version of Windows Phone 7 – Mango – is coming
    • 16 additional languages will be added in the next version (still without Hebrew)
    • More countries will be added for apps creation
    • More countries will be added for apps commerce
  • Mango will include new features like
    • Search capability for your installed apps
    • Search extras that are connected to you search results
  • Mango will include support for IE9 as a browser for the phone
    • Meaning that the same markup on PC can be viewed in the phone (but will less capability for hardware acceleration)
    • HTML5 support included in IE9 and now in the phone browser
  • Phone integration
    • Metro UI controls
    • Live Tiles
    • Custom ringtones
    • Sockets
    • Database
    • More launchers and choosers
    • Raw camera access
    • Raw Compass access
    • Raw Gyro access
  • Motion sensor API will be available on Mango
  • Multi-tasking support in Mango
    • Fast apps switching
    • Background: Audio, downloads, alarms etc.
    • Live Agents in order to save battery
  • Angry Birds app will be available May 25th Smile
  • Developer tools for Mango will be available next month
    • Improved emulator – location, gestures and more
    • New profiling support (identify hot spots in your app for example)
  • Performance enhancements in Mango
    • Scrolling and input
    • Image decode
    • Garbage collection
    • Memory usage
  • 1500 new APIs in Mango. For example
    • Local SQL CE database
    • Network sockets support
    • Silverlight and XNA combination


  • Silverlight 5 beta is available for download
    • Hardware decode
    • Trickplay
    • Remote controls support
    • A lot of new APIs such as 3D, Data Binding debugging and more


  • Kinect Windows SDK is being built and will be available soon

P.S – Every attendee in the conference is getting a Kinect sensor Smile

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