My SDP Lecturer Interview

February 27, 2011

My SDP Lecturer Interview

Last week Sela conducted a live broadcast with trailers to the sessions that will be presented on stageMy SDP Lecturer Interview in the SDP conference. The broadcast was recorded if you want to see me “making a fool” of myself in the live broadcast you can watch the recording of my interview here (in Hebrew).
I’m reminding that I’m going to have two sessions:

Creating OData Services with WCF Data Services
Data is a first-class element of every application. The Open Data Protocol (OData) applies web technologies such as HTTP, AtomPub and JSON to enable a wide range of data sources to be exposed over HTTP in a simple, secure and interoperable way. This session will cover explain what is the Open Data Protocol and how to create OData feeds using WCF Data Services.

Not Just a Designer: Code First and Entity Framework
Entity Framework 4 brings many new opportunities for building complex data driven applications. Code First is a new EF capability that provides a code-centric experience for interacting with models and databases. The session will cover several new and future EF features such as Code First, and provide an overview for what to expect from EF in the future.

Also, I’m attending a tutorial day with Ido Flatow and Erez Harari about Entity Framework in Depth and a MVP Panel which is an ask the experts session.

Hope to see you at the conference!

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